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    KuCoin Broadens Its Reach: Provides Real-Time Price Data for More Than 700 Cryptocurrencies

    Expanding Horizons with KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

    KuCoin is a notable player in the cryptocurrency domain, having swiftly risen to be a comprehensive hub for cryptocurrency activities. Since its inception in August 2017, KuCoin’s portfolio now spans over 700 cryptocurrencies and caters to 1100 marketplaces.

    The KuCoin Experience

    KuCoin is more than just a cryptocurrency exchange; it’s a facilitator for an array of cryptocurrency transactions. Not only does it support trades with a multitude of payment methods, but it also welcomes various fiat currencies. However, for certain transactions, user verification becomes essential. Its unique instant exchange feature allows users to swiftly trade cryptocurrency against fiat, ensuring they get the most competitive rates. And the best part? This entire exchange process is commission-free.

    The platform thrives on its decentralized architecture, connecting individuals, banks, and payment entities in an open marketplace. This decentralized essence enables traders to transact in multiple currencies, extending its utility to assets from stocks to digital currencies.

    The Trending KuCoin Cryptocurrencies Today

    • Dogecoin: Curious about the current Dogecoin value on KuCoin? A currency calculator will swiftly give you its equivalent against other prominent digital currencies. This tool isn’t just a converter but also a historical data chart, indicating the peaks and valleys of exchange rates. Founded in December 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin offers an economical platform for trading various crypto assets, adding to its allure.
    • Shiba Inu: If Shiba Inu piques your interest, KuCoin has you covered. While the exchange hosts numerous cryptocurrencies, remember that U.S. citizens exceeding the FBAR limit need to adhere to specific regulations when dealing with this cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu operates on a blockchain-based structure with distinct components like BONE, LEASH, and DIG for BONES, among others.
    • USTC: With KuCoin’s recent foray into decentralized exchange services, the value of KuCoin’s USTC witnessed an uptrend. Starting your trading journey is straightforward: sign up, provide your email, phone number, and a verification code. Once set, you’re ready to dive in!
    • Bitcoin: Interested in Bitcoin trading? KuCoin ensures a seamless process. Sign up, ensure KYC verification, and begin your trading journey. Beyond Bitcoin, KuCoin embraces various currencies, ensuring diverse trading options.
    • Ethereum: Starting with KuCoin to trade Ethereum is a breeze. Register using an email, set a strong password, and after a couple of verification steps, your trading journey commences. KuCoin offers withdrawal limits up to one BTC daily, ensuring ease for its users.
    • LUNA: With KuCoin, LUNA’s potential is promising. As a decentralized digital currency, it operates independently of central banks. Yet, it’s still in nascent stages. KuCoin offers insights into LUNA’s value dynamics, ensuring users are well-informed.

    Keeping Abreast with KuCoin’s Latest Updates

    2019 saw numerous upgrades in KuCoin, from user interfaces to new features and APIs. The platform even introduced KuMEX, catering to margin trading enthusiasts. KuCoin is also mobile-responsive, ensuring users remain updated on crypto news on the go.

    As a global platform, KuCoin is now utilized by over five million users spread across more than 200 countries. They’ve diversified their services to include options like staking and lending. Furthermore, recent investments from industry bigwigs like Matrix Partners and IDG Capital will only bolster KuCoin’s offerings in the future.

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